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my one direction blog

if you love one direction, you should follow my blog! i just made it :) i always follow back xoxox

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One Direction Kiss You - 1 Day To Go

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the best tweet in the world.


This is honestly the single most honest and best tweet ever, it’s good to know people take this kind of illness serious and don’t think it’s just girls being stupid and selfish!


Forever reblog the best tweet!

Okay Harry stop, before I cry

why is he so perfect


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Of all the videos I’ve watched of One Direction, I feel as if this one has touched me the most. From the second the video started, I had to hold back my tears and at the end I finally broke down. People can say that I’m wasting my time on boy bands or that I’m “obsessed” , but I honestly don’t feel as if I’m wasting my time or like I’m obsessed. I’ve liked boy bands before, but I don’t think any of those bands have changed my life so much. Actually, I know for a fact that no other band has had such an impact on my life.
I am truly so proud of these five boys! They deserve every little thing that comes their way. Haters can say what they want, but the boys are more than talented! Not only are they talented, they are super amazing people. You can see how loving and caring they are just by watching them in videos. I feel as the five boys get closer, the fandom becomes stronger and closer as well.
Just about every one of the things that each one of them mentioned in this video, they have accomplished and that makes me so happy for them! Words cannot describe how much love I have for these boys, how proud I am of them. They are so grateful for the things that have been given to them, and I can’t help but to smile when I think that being a fan of them has made them happy, it has helped make their dreams come true, and I know that they are forever thankful for all the love and support they have from, not only their family and friends, but from their fans! Niall says in this video that he feels that they haven’t succeeded until they are gone from this world and people are still listening to their music, but in my eyes….they have definitely succeeded! And I hope the same thing as Louis, that the boys will look back and think of this time as the best time of their lives. I am so happy to be a fan of these five brothers and feel so lucky to be with them during this experience.

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thinking about making a one direction fan blog!

i have internet more often now, so i’ll be able to update on here more and ALSO , i’ve been wanting to make a one direction blog as well….and i think that im going to finally do it :) 
so if you like 1D , watch for a new blog soon! 

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sorry that I haven’t updated lately! been super busy

my cousin and me :) max shirt ;D

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Anonymous asked:
"did you hear? the girl that told max that he's more talented then how to rock (bbyshowme is her username) ended up hanging out with him the whole time he was in toronto! i don't know if it's fully true, but thats what i heard. guess he really liked what she had to say."

i heard about her telling him that and i totally agree with her! he has so much talent, i hope he becomes recognized more!  but no i didnt hear that she got to hang out with him, LUCKY GIRL :) 

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"Thanks so much for the follow! And I just love your playlist! :D"

you’re welcoome! thank you! :) 

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xamberbrooksx asked:
"plz follow back i love max schneider too!"

sure thing! :) 

follow my main blog for max, one direction,cher lloyd&more! i follow back :) →
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